Take a number bitch

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you feel like you were on a practical joke show? I had something happen to me yesterday that reminded me of the scene in "Meet the Parents" where Ben Stiller is at the airport trying to go home and the idiot desk attendant makes him wait until she calls his section to board even though no one else was there.

I wasn't at an airport but the situation was similar. I had gone to Joann to get fabric. I hate going there, the one close to me is always dirty and poorly lit so you can't see the colors that well and the store employees are usually rude but they were having a sale so off I went. I had about 10 bolts of fabric so I made my way to the cutting table where the 2 old biddies were. Not a soul was around, no one, it was like a ghost town in there. I started putting the fabric on the cutting table and the lady says "number please". What? What number? I am the only one here! I looked left then right then I must have looked at her with a deer in the headlights look because she said "put the cloth back into your cart and take a number" I kind of laughed, I thought it was a joke but she turned her back to me so I took a number. I then put the number on the table and started yet again to unload my fabric. By this time Lys and Lex were wandering away and Skye was starting to scream in the cart and I was getting impatient. She says "I haven't called any numbers" WHAT THE HELL!? So she looks the other way and says "9, number 9 please" and I start unloading and the crazy bitch says "I need to see your number to make sure you really have 9" Oh my god, I almost lost it. I just wanted some damn cheap-ass fabric to make some sun dresses for my girls not attitude from some old lady because she was pissed that I disrupted her gossip fest with the other old bat. So I handed over the number and started putting the bolts down on the table giving each one a little slam to release some frusrtation. I say "I need a yard of each please" She took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. If I were a man I could have grown a beard wating for my fabric. So as she is cutting she says "would you like to get on our mailing list and sign up for our credit card" oh hell no! She tried to upsell me after being such a pain in the ass. No, no no. From now on I am getting my fabric online, I can shop whenever I damn well please and I won't have to take a number.


  1. You should call corporate...let me tell you a/b the lousy pics from CVS:
    Remember the hazed over pictures I brought over to Kelly's? I called CVS corporate to tell them about their lousy machine/developing/customer service/lack of ability to make me happy....corporate apologized & gave me a $20 gift card...days later the Regional Director called me to apologize, refer me to a location w/ a newer machine where I will get doubles reprinted for free by the district manager who will personally handle my film and when I am satisfied I can have them for free and an ADDITIONAL $25 gift card...I am being paid $45 in gift cards to try again :)
    I say complain!!!!

  2. holy crap! I am calling tomorrow!!!


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