Once Upon a Wedding...

Today we went shopping with the girls for Sarah's wedding. Meg and Haha both found their bridesmaids dresses and I got some great ideas for the dress I would like to make Lexi for her flower girl dress. There was a bride in there trying on dresses, each one looked more beautiful on her than the previous ones did, her face was glowing and radiant,and you could see it in her eyes when the perfect dress finally landed on her body. I was standing outside of this brides special world and I noticed the magic as it happened, her dreams and her future were in her smile, everything was possible at that moment in time. Watching her and hearing Sarah telling her bridesmaids which dresses she liked and disliked and hearing all of their happiness and excitement made me think yet again of my own non-wedding. I wasn't upset though, who could be upset when you are surrounded by tulle, silk, lace, and beauty. I thought of what my own wedding experiences would have been like.

Casey and I never planned on getting married at the courthouse. We wanted a wedding, we just couldn't afford one. Even though we were trying to plan one on a budget, we just didn't have anything extra to do it with. Nothing about our romance has been..........well, romantic. We met online, we got engaged when neither of us had jobs, he just rolled over in bed one night after a session of hardcore video game playing and asked me to marry him. It was sweet, we really had no idea if we were even going to be able to pay our rent but he wanted to let me know he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Of course I was more than happy to say yes, I figured we could weather whatever storms we faced as long as we faced them together. But it wasn't in any way romantic or even very much of a story. No one believed that we were engaged because I didn't have a ring, a lot of people told me it wasn't an engagement without one. I never realized that an engagement required a ring, I thought it just required a commitment from both people, a promise to marry some day. At any rate, we were engaged and planning a wedding but couldn't pull it together. We used the last bit of money we had in our bank account to get a marriage license and went to the courthouse where a lovely plastic arbor was set up on the landing between floors. I had my purse on my shoulder and sunglasses on my head. I wish someone would have told me that at the time! But all this wedding stuff has made me think..........

Once upon a wedding, in another place and time, there lived two people who were very much in love. Their love was so wonderful that they wanted to share it with everyone they knew, they wanted their glow to warm the souls of all those that they loved. It was chance that they met, they had been narrowly missing each other for years, traveling in the same social circles at different times. When they did finally meet it didn't take long for them to realize they had met the person whose hand they wanted to hold in their walk of life. They knew that the wedding would have to be very special if they wanted it to be an articulation of their love. Everything would be personal and meaningful to them, and it didn't matter if it was perfect or not as long as everyone had a good time.

Our fair lady wasn't very much of a feminine sort and her handsome prince liked to joke with her by asking if she was even going to wear a dress. Little did he, or anyone else, know that this maiden was a girl on the inside and she couldn't wait to become a princess for a day. Her search for the right dress started on her sketchpad, the original idea was for a 1940's style dress with a mermaid style skirt, and a dramatic neckline, backless, and ivory in color with celtic knot work at the hem. She was able to find a dress like this but when she saw the strapless dress with knot work embroidery all over the fitted bodice she was in love, especially when she saw the the skirt was hundreds of yards of tulle. Her wonderful bridesmaids were with her when she found it and they dropped it over her head and laced up the corset style back and when she turned to see herself in the mirror she was a woman transformed. Gone was the tomboy that spent hours under the hoods of cars, gone was the gal who cursed at the tv when her football team wasn't doing well. This most feminine of creatures was there in her place. The woman in this dress wanted to buy matching panties, silk stockings with a garter, and strappy satin high heals. This woman wanted to get her hair done and nails painted, she wanted to be the most beautiful creation her dear prince had ever seen. The bridesmaids dresses were beautiful and unique just like her friends, each one choosing a different style but all of them wearing the same color. The floral bouquets were full of dramatic orchids and tiger lilies.

Now our bride and groom aren't religious people so a church wedding wasn't going to happen for them. Instead they opted to hold the wedding at a gorgeous state park full of ravines and trickling creeks. The spot they chose was at the top of the ravine and overlooked the best that nature had to offer. Wildflowers, passion flowers, jasmine, and magnolias were all abloom in the light spring air. An acoustic guitar played with a creative hand played as the our lovely bride appeared. The moment her dear groom saw her tears pricked at his eyes, he looked up in the hopes that they wouldn't fall but as she floated towards him his cheeks became wet with them. Their vows were hand written and filled with personal jokes, loving words,and promises for a happy life together no matter what.

The reception was held in a large antebellum ballroom with huge sliders open to allow for mingling outside and in, seamless with each other. Nature again supplied the decorations and musicians played artful tunes in the background. For the first dance our very talented groom sang "come what may" to the bride as they held each other close and got lost in their own world. The food was plenty and the fun was never ending and as the night wore on our bride and groom continued to hold hands and laugh together with their friends and family.

It isnt't grand,what we want, there are no bridezilla moments, no platinum wedding..........just us, our music, our friends, and what mother nature provides for us to decorate it all. This is what I see in my mind when I think about what might have been.


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