Ramblings at 3 a.m.

Why at 3:11 a.m. am I still awake? I am tired of course but not tired enough for sleep, if I got into bed right now I would just turn on the tv. At least I have company, Jenny is on Skype right now too so I have someone to "talk" to! Of course this doesn't bode well for me as the kids will be up in about 6 hours so I get to spend another day in a tired insomnia driven fog. I do plan on going to work out tomorrow though, the hope is that I wear myself out. I don't know if it will matter though, my physical body is tired, my mental body just won't shut up long enough to let me sleep.

I've really been thinking about this move to Bahrain in the coming months. I am nervous and excited and a little scared. I am terrified to fly, I think it is dangerous and stupid but I am going to put my 2 babies and myself on a plane and go to a country where I know no one and can't be out without a man and I have little to no freedoms. Why? For my man! Yep, me, the same girl who said she wouldn't haul her cookies across town just to see a man is going to go halfway around the world. Love does funny things to ya! I am excited too though, I want to see other places and travel, Lexi and I can learn about the history of the country and it's people. I have done some research online and Bahrain is supposed to have some of the most amazing modern architecture in the world. I love architecture so I can't wait to get my camera and get some amazing pics of the buildings. I will miss the beach and the lakes and rivers though, I love to swim and I have the feeling I won't be doing much of that in Bahrain. It is an island but Case said he doesn't think they swim at the beaches and the pool at the apartment is outside in the 130-150 degree heat. Can't have the kids out in that kind of sun or heat, can you imagine how hot the pool water must be? ick. A few things, we will be stuck in the apartment while case is working so I am shipping my sewing machine, my serger, my fabric, my scrapbooking shit, and my paints over so I can occupy my time. Of course I will have home school lessons to prepare and I will have a toddler so maybe it is wishful thinking that I might get time to sew, paint, or scrap! yawn, I think I am starting to feel a bit tired now, I better strike while the iron is hot and go lay down......at least try to sleep!


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