Graham Crackers, Peanut Butter, and Milk

Last night I heard something on the radio that reminded me so much of my great mimi that it was like a surge of electricity. I don't remember what it was that tripped the memories but I was glad. We were in the truck coming home from a fun dinner with some other home schoolers so I had Lexi's attention for distractions! I told her about how we used to sit on great mimis couch with little metal trays on her lap and she taught me how to play solitaire. I could almost feel her soft, feathery hands touching mine and watching with amazement and how she shuffled her cards. I remembered sitting next to her in front of her organ while she played and sang songs from 'when she was a girl'. Down in the Valley was always one of my favorites. I sat there for hours trying to get the notes right, not really knowing what the notes even meant, but trying anyway and trying to get my voice to match the organ! She never told me to stop or be quiet, it never bothered her at all. She made me graham crackers, peanut butter, and milk when I got hungry and if we had salad she made her homemade dressing.....just ketchup, mayo, and relish!! I loved sitting on her couch and going through the boxes and boxes she had of old cards she had recieved throughout her life while she told me of her girlhood. She never learned to drive or swim, she didn't get very far is school because girls in her day didn't do those sorts of things. I was so interested in everything she said. Great mimi had this three wheeled bicycle that she rode when she needed to go to the store and she let me ride it all over her yard and down the dirt road where she lived. I loved spending time with my great mimi, I loved it but didn't realize it. She passed away when I was still in high school.........I couldn't tell you how many years ago, 16 now maybe and I miss her so much. I wish my kids could have known her gentle spirit, her funny ways......she always talked and was hard of hearing so she would often talk through prayer time at meals and in church.....her stories of how things used to be. Most of all I wish I could hear her sing one last time in her wavery old lady voice.....I imagine her voice would have looked like crinkled silk, soft and sweet. I don't even have a picture of her, all I have of her are her wedding and engagement bands and while I am grateful for those they aren't really tangible representations of who she was and what she meant to me. I would love to have had that old organ or her old deck of cards or all the christmas and birthday cards she so carefully collected all those long years ago. At least I have graham crackers, peanut butter, and milk, everytime I make them for myself or my kids I remember sitting in her sunny little kitchen and eating them with her.


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