Exploring the Island

Looking out over the city at dusk from our balcony

Bahrain World Trade Centers...one of these days I will get a picture worth of this fantastic example of modern architecture. There are 3 massive turbines connecting the 2 buildings..it is beautiful

The F-1 racing facilities. We are planning on going to some F-1 races this year as well as some drag races.

Some of the pretty easter egg houses...I want to get some better pictures of this as well...eventually, I have an entire year!

The main mosque in bahrain, as soon as I get an abayat I will be able to go in and check it out....it is open to visitors of all religions.

Been doing a bit of exploring lately. Most of it in the car, we have a bad habit of heading out at dusk so we can't really get out and explore in the dark. Hopefully we will get some sense and start exploring in the daytime so I can get some pictures of things up close instead of from a moving car. I already have a huge list of places that I want to return to and we got a book called 101 Things to see and do in Bahrain....I've read it cover to cover and want to do all 101 things! We have driven around the entire island though......I can now say that I have seen an entire COUNTRY in less than 3 hours!

I do have some favorites......I like going into the little towns and seeing all of the abayat makers and little dumpy cafeterias where the cleanliness is questionable but the food is excellent...and the rug shops with all the intricate patterns.....this is the Bahrain that I long to explore. The malls are nice but that doesn't give me a sense of the culture here. There is an area called Isa Town, kind of like the suburbs, the streets are narrow and crowded with merchants of all kinds and there are massive amounts of homes being built. An entire area of homes are in pastel shades of pinks, blues, yellows, greens....I call them the easter egg houses, they are lovely to look at. At the south end of the island there are amazing resorts, the F-1 facility, a beach with a playground, and a cool water park. I wish Casey were more into the culture thing, it is camping season right now and we saw all the tents set up near the roads in the desert, I would love to go camping and rent 4- wheelers and just have a ton of fun. I can't wait to go see the basket makers and get myself some baskets to store things in....and see the dhow makers and go diving for pearls. I've also been studying up on the history of Bahrain, it goes back 5000 years...there are huge dig sites where ancient towns have been un-earthed and ancient burial mounds are all over the island. I can't wait to truly get out and explore all of this. If we had the money we would buy a villa to rent out part time and vacation in part time, we really do love Bahrain!


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