Architecture, education, and baskets

The dust has been blowing off the tops of the buildings for the past couple of days. The buildings off in the distance have a ghostly appearance because of the white dust in the air. It makes everything look soft and slightly out of focus,I really wish I had a good camera so I could get out and take some cool pictures of it. I've been wanting to take some good pictures of all the rooftop cranes as well, they have a sort of awkward grace about them. There is construction everywhere, I've never seen so many buildings and islands being built.......they call it reclaiming the sea when they build the islands. The land our apartment building was on was ocean less than 20 years ago! I'm curious to see what Bahrain will look like in another 20 years. Will all of this modern architecture overshadow the old-world beauty of the mosques or the charm of the villas with their wind-towers and intricately carved doors?

The national library is a sight to see, we are supposed to be going there this week so we can get some library books for the girls. Of course I am going to take my camera and get pictures of this amazing building, it is situated in the same area as the mosque. Religion is a large part of the education here, local students are required to learn about islam in schools, even in the catholic schools. The christians don't have to learn about islam but the classes are available if they want to. There is even a museum devoted to the Quran which we plan on visiting at some point. While I don't have any real convictions toward any one religion I do enjoy learning about them and why they have the beliefs that they do, it leads to a better understanding of people as well. I wouldn't mind putting Lexi in one of the private Bahraini schools, they have an excellent education system here but they are quite expensive so for now that is not an option.....hopefully in the coming months we can find a school for her.

Today on my agenda is to go to the village of Karbabad to see the basket weavers and pick up some baskets for some much-needed storage. I like going into the villages anyway and exploring a bit, going to a local cafeteria for some shawarma, seeing the shops lining the tiny streets. The abaya shops are my favorites, they are so beautiful and I need to get one for when we visit the mosque......but I'd get one even if we didn't visit the mosque, what woman wouldn't want a full dress in pure silk with hand-embroidered designs on it? The craftsmanship of the baskets, the dhows (fishing boats), the baskets, jewelry, pottery...there is so much talent here, I can't wait to get things to take home for our home.


  1. Now I am a follower! I was already on the girls but I forgot you had one too! Miss you!


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