The last ACCEPTABLE form of discrimination

I woke up this morning and was lucky enough to have half an hour to myself before everyone else woke up. So I did what any busy mom and wife would do......haha, I made a cup of coffee and a bagel and sat down to read my equivalent of the websites, and of course, facebook. Because I am 8 hours ahead I get to see all the posts my friends and family made the night before, this usually makes for some entertaining reading.
But this morning I saw this post Depo doesn't make you fat, your lard ass eating all that unhealthy crap is what makes you fat. Stupid Whoa........what a sweeping statement to make. Well for the record I got a depo shot and gained 30 lbs within 4 months without changing my eating or activity habits so yeah, it WILL put on weight in addition to making you a very unpleasant emotional person to be around. At any rate, it wasn't that that bothered me, it was the name calling......"your lard ass, stupid". Regardless of why a person is fat they do NOT deserve to be called names or discriminated against. You would never call an anorexic person stupid for being too skinny, you encourage them to seek help and feel sorry that they have to resort to an eating disorder to feel as if they have control over their life. Overeating is also an eating disorder but most people ignorantly assume that a fat person is just lazy and stupid. How sad that people aren't more educated or sympathetic to overweight people, perhaps if there wasn't such a stigma and if people weren't afraid if ridicule they might seek help for their problem. A majority if overeating is brought on by CLINICAL depression, which is a real medical condition.....and it is a vicious cycle of eating, guilt, self-hate, shame, sadness, anger, and isolation. A comfort.
I myself have dealt with this cycle for a number of years now, do I need to be told that I am lazy or stupid? No because I am I need to be reminded that I am fat? No because I can look in the mirror and see that myself, I have to wrestle with myself to leave the house sometimes because all I want to do is hide. I used to be thin and fit and lovely, don't think it can't happen to you just because you are skinny now, things can change. Well then do something about it you say........easy to say. I have and am. I work out with a trainer, I watch what I eat, guess what, my shape hasn't changed so that becomes a cycle too, a cycle of giving up and trying again and giving up when there are no results. Then I have more shame, guilt, depression. Then comes the is ok for a skinny person to be depressed but if a fat person is depressed people say that you brought it on yourself and you have no right to be upset about the way you look.
I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me but I sure as hell would appreciate it if the world realized that discrimination in ANY form is unacceptable.


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