A simple shrug from a stained t-shirt: Tutorial!

My sweet little 2 year old Buttercup is hard on her clothes, especially white ones! Despite my awesome homemade detergent and best efforts at stain removal there was still a large ghost stain on this white knit top. My normal solution is to applique or reverse applique over the stain but this stain was massive. So I decided to to turn it into a little shrug. This was a super quick and easy project and now I can't wait for her to stain (or outgrow) some more of her t-shirts!

Here is the top, as you can see I've already cut off the bottom (to use for a waistband on a skirt) and cut the middle, I used a dinner plate to get the curve. I just traced around the plate with a fabric pen and cut it out.

The next thing I did was to encase the edge in bias tape. I made my own bias tape but purchased bias take would work just as well. Because bias tape can be fiddly to work with I pinned it down all the way around the shirt. At each end I folded the bias tape under so there were no raw edges showing. Then I simply sewed all the way around the edges.


And here is the final product on sweet little Buttercup! I think next time I will add a large button at the top with a little bias tape loop to keep it closed, it tends to flap around a bit when she runs but it is still cute! And a great way to upcycle some old clothes!


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