Little Bo Peep

No tutorial with this one, just a few pictures of the Little Bo Peep costume that I made for my wee Buttercup. I wanted something that she could wear daily so the dress is just your standard yoke dress with puffy sleeves and buttons down the back with different vintage buttons. The apron was just thrown together and the bonnet was a Frankenstein of ideas that I had seen around the internet.

A quick note about the pantaloons, they were very easy to make! I just sewed the lace trim onto some plain white fabric and then flipped the fabric over to the wrong side and traced around some pants that are slightly big for Buttercup. From there it was easy to sew them together and put some elastic in the waist to make pants. I wish I would have gathered the lace first so they would have looked fuller but the costume was still pretty adorable!


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