Book Page Christmas Trees Tutorial

I love to read. I read everything that I can get my hands on, not just books but cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, magazines, newspapers, and of course, blogs! I love seeing my bookshelves overflowing with books, I think all of those books just make a happy home. But there are some books that I just couldn't get into and they take up room. I hate throwing books out and getting rid of them, I just feel so guilty. Then I started seeing the beautiful book page wreaths around the web and thought.........hmmm........what else can you make with book pages?

Why, tree's of course!

All you really need is an old book or two, a few styrofoam cones, and a low-temp hot glue gun. If you have paper punches in fun shapes then go ahead and use them. There really is no wrong way to do this. I made 3 trees and am pretty pleased with how they came out. But enough about me, let's get on to that tutorial!

First you need to prepare your pages. This can be as easy as ripping them into long shreds, using your paper punches to make shapes, or whatever else you can think of doing!

For my smallest tree I used a Creative Memories circle punch, I used the medium-sized punch. It went fairly quickly, that's why I used them on the small tree, I didn't want to be stuck punching circles all night! I started from the bottom and overlapped the circles. I alternated which way I overlapped them on each row to give it some texture.

For the medium-sized tree I just took those torn strips and wrapped them willy-nilly around the tree. My goal was just to make sure that all of the styrofoam was covered. I liked the ripped edges, it added some interest to the tree. I think it would have been really cool to run a red or lime green ink pad along those torn edges, wish I would have thought of that then!

For the largest tree I folded the shredded strips in half and started at the bottom again, overlapping them as I went up. Then I went back and filled in any blank spots with more torn strips. I just glued them at the top of the strip so that they would hang down and move with the air a bit. Again, this would have been so much cooler if I had inked the edges first!

I liked the way they turned out but I thought they were a bit plain so I added a glass ball ornament to the smallest tree, a green snowflake to the medium tree, and a silver glittery deer to the large tree. I put two of them on my candle holders (borrowed from my bathroom!) and put them in my entryway.

I like the way they look but I will probably make more and use some cherry red and lime green ink on the page edges. I also think I will try using my tag punch, square punch, and heart punch to make them...........the possibilities are endless. I have a feeling that my house may be taken over by book page trees!


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