Holiday Card Holder Tutorial.....kind of....

I love getting holiday cards and I want to display them all but I haven't ever found a card holder or basket that I really liked. I had no intentions on making one but the other night I was wondering what creative things I could do with my massive collection of glass ball ornaments when it came to me. I could make an ornament "tree" and hang my cards from it! This really isn't a tutorial in the traditional sense of the word because there aren't pictures of the process, the tutorial was an after-thought. Just use a low-temp hot glue gun and glue the ornaments together in a tree shape and then hot glue a ribbon to the back of the top ornament. I really, REALLY glued that ribbon down, then I glued over it, I didn't want it falling off. As the cards come in just punch a hole in the corner of them and tie them to your ornament tree! I can see the wall in my entry being lined with these of all colors because I save my favorite cards from year to year, what a fun way to decorate for the holidays!


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