Re-purposing fun!

I got another bag of clothes for Skye from my sister (thanks sis!) and was so excited to go through them. I found this cute orange top and I loved the neckline and the little button detail on the back but there was a tiny hole in the front. I guess that would make a lot of people sad but it made me giggle a little because it gave me a chance to experiment!

I had a little scrap of this beautiful fabric that I used to make a coat, I had no idea what I would use the scrap for because it is quite small. So I cut a little bib type shape out of it and put some wonder-under on it and put it on the shirt.

It was cute but still needed more. I thought about putting 3 buttons down the front and putting a ruffle around the entire edge but I've done that before.......3 fabric flowers along the neckline, nah, I've done that too. So I went back to the ever growing scrap bin and found a bit of flour sack dishtowel and luck me, it was the end that was hemmed! I didn't have plan for it but knew it needed to be ruffled so I folded it half and ruffled it. I played with the placement for awhile before deciding to put it along the neckline.

Cute. still needed something extra. Ah, I know! Buttons!! Grey buttons! At either end of the ruffle. Perfect!

Now we have an adorable top. it would be cute as a dress. Too bad I don't have any grey fabric. Or do I? Yes, I do! It is grey ribbed knit that I found in the clearance remnant bin at the fabric store. I simply folded it in half and sewed it just under the edge of the top so it looks like a shirt and skirt. OH CUTENESS!!!

It needed just one more thing, a little flower pin made from an old sweater. It took me about an hour and a half but most of that was thinking, going through buttons and scraps, and fiddling with the placement of things. Actual sewing time was about 15 minutes. I hung it up on my bedroom door and went to bed. When Skye woke up this morning and saw it she got very excited and asked to put it on! All she needs now are some patterned grey tights and black slouch boots..........I think a trip to Target is in my future!


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