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The frenzy of last minute holiday sewing left me weak in the knees and wanting to distance myself from my sewing machine for awhile. That and my sewing room just looked like a hand full of toddlers had come in leaving in bits of fabric, string, and random craft items in their destructive wake. So yesterday I finally got, brave enough to open the sewing room door so I could clean it. I spent a few hours putting things away, throwing things away, and re-folding and organizing my small stash of fabrics and in the end I was happy, it was ready for creativity!

And when I woke up this morning I knew it would be a sewing day! I felt inspired, I felt creative, I felted talented......ha! So when Skye went down for her nap I made a beeline for the sewing room and told my husband and 12 year old to leave me in peace. I created a pair of shorts out of a mans button down shirt but they came out wonky so I cut them apart and turned them into a skirt.

Up next on the crafty list were two aprons for a friend of mine. Her little girls love owls and they are always baking so I thought some aprons would be perfect for them. One has two little loops for hanging things and the other has a handy little pocket for stashing away treats.

And lastly, I made some adorable super wide-legged "grow with me" pants. I made an extra large cuff that we will use folded up for now but as she gets taller she can wear the pants rolled down. I considered using buttonhole elastic for these but didn't want to fiddle with that today, I wanted quick. I figure if she gets rounder I can just unpick a part of the seam and slip a longer bit of elastic in there.
I also made a matching shirt with an elephant applique. The shirt pattern and tutorial can be found at Made Mine didn't quite turn out right so I am going to have to unpick the arms and re-do them, the neckline is a little too small but it is a cute shirt and Skye loves her new outfit!


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