Reverse Applique Tutorial

I love applique! It's such an easy way to cover up holes and stains and add a little bit of personality to shirts, pants, skirts, quilts.......just about anything that you can think of! Reverse applique is something that I have a lot of fun with now that I know how to do it. There are many ways to do this, and I'm sure mine isn't exactly proper but it works and I like how it looks. You will be left with a raw edge, if you are using knit this won't matter as knit doesn't fray. If you are using a woven then it will fray a bit but I think it adds texture and looks cool.

Now onto the show, er.......tutorial!

This was a basic white t-shirt that I received in a large bag of hand-me-down clothing for my youngest daughter. I loved the sleeves but there was a big stain on the front of the top. And that brings us to our first step. Decide what part of the item you want to do your reverse applique on and draw a shape with a fabric marker or pen. I free-handed this huge flower.

For the next step pin a piece of fabric to the INSIDE of the item you are appliqueing, right side to wrong side.

Now you are going to sew over the line that you drew. Then you will CAREFULLY cut out just the outer layer of the applique. For my project, I cut the knit fabric to reveal the swiss dotted fabric behind this.
You can still see my pink lines but the fabric marker fades so it disappeared after a couple of hours.

I then made a simple elastic waist skirt out of the same fabric that I used for the stem and leaves.

The skirt and top took about 30 minutes total. It was such a fast, fun project that I made another skirt and reverse appliqued a onesie with a baby food stain on it.


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