Spring Sewing

Although it's still cold and dreary and I really should sew up the wool coat I've cut out for Skye I just can't bring myself to do it. My spring fabrics are calling my name and I've been inspired to make some quick and easy dresses.

The first one was from a pillow sham that I bought at Target on clearance for less than $1 last summer. I originally got it so I could make a pillowcase dress not realizing that it was actually a pillow sham. I didn't know what to do with it so I stuck it in the "things to be up-cycled" stash and forgot about it. The other night when I pulled it out I just wanted so badly to use it, I just didn't know how. Then I realized DUH! I could make a halter dress out of it!

It was pretty quick and easy, I spend less than an hour making it and I loved the way it looked on Skye. But she hated that tie on the back of her neck and I knew it was a lost cause to keep it so I put it in my etsy shop. I'll be sad to see it go, I love that fabric so much, but I don't want it to sit around and go unused.

Then last night I was looking at the last bit of red-striped fabric left over from Christmas and thought it would go great with one of my cherry prints. I have a few, I love cherry fabrics......and polka dots! This one took me a couple of hours due to some interruptions and I love the way it came out! I made bloomers to match it and at first Skye refused to put them on, she kept saying "no diaper baby" I guess they reminded her of her old diaper covers!

A few days ago we went to the zoo, it was a very rare 74 degrees and perfectly sunny so before we left I decided that Skye needed a new dress. I call it the "Zoo Dress" It's just a basic a-line shift with little sleeves and pocket on front, she just loves pockets. And no Zoo Dress would be complete without little elephant buttons marching across the pocket.

And finally my version of the Village Frock. I didn't get to buy a pattern before they went to never-never land and I've regretted it for 2 years now. I've looked at countless pictures of the Village Frock I started to think I could just wing it and make one. It sort of looked like a peasant top with gathered insets on the sleeves and at the neckline. I think it was pretty successful, I can't wait to make another one in linen or the super light cottons I bought while living in Bahrain. I was surprised at how easy this really was to do, it took just a couple of hours. The fabrics I used were bright and loud and gives the top a really bohemian look that I just love.


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