It starts with an idea.....

It starts with an idea, sometimes I'm able to go straight to my sewing room and start hacking, carefully cutting fabric and sewing. Other times, I'm away from home or just too busy to drop everything and sew so I have to make a quick sketch. They aren't the beautiful drawings of fashion designers or artists and they probably wouldn't make sense to anyone but me, they are my memory keepers, they capture my idea so I can revisit it later when I've forgotten what my brilliant idea was.

I don't really go in for measuring or anything like that unless I have to. I created a very basic dress half in a few different sizes and pretty much everything I make uses that little template, just for sizing, I change styles frequently. I also do a lot of things based on a peasant top design, they are so quick and easy and you don't have to be as size-specific with something that is loose and floaty.

This sketch was done about two weeks ago and I was finally able to escape to my sewing room long enough to make something. I've had this cherry fabric for a long time, I love cherries and I hesitate to use any of my cherry fabrics for fear that I'll hate what I've made and regret using the fabric! But I went ahead and took the leap and was pretty pleased with the results. It is a bit short so I think I'm going to have to make some bloomers, I'll probably use the green fabric that I used for the sash casings and put little ruffles at the bottoms of the legs with the sash fabric.

I cannot believe that 11 years ago I couldn't sew a stitch, 2 years ago I wouldn't have even thought about making something without a pattern and full instructions, and now I am making clothing just from silly little sketches or ideas in my head. I'm no expert but I've come a long way in my ability and I'm pretty proud that I've finally found a way to put my creativity to good use.


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