No Time for Bento? (with a hummus recipe!)

Bento boxes are cute and fun. They are also expensive and putting together a fancy bento lunch can be somewhat time-consuming. If you want to make a fun lunch for your toddler (or 'tween) just keep some aluminum foil cupcake tins handy! They are easily portable, inexpensive, and can be used again, turned into a small explorer garden, or you can use them to melt down crayons to make fun crayon cupcakes!

Kids of any age love to eat little compartments of little foods so just fill each cup with a portion of your childs favorite food......and throw in some new ones for them to try. I like to mix up the textures too, creamy and crunchy, cold, salty, sweet, there are a lot of combinations to try.

For this one I made a cucumber raita (listed under the Bahrain Burgers) and some homemade hummus, cucumber sticks, bell pepper sticks,sliced strawberries,and whole wheat pitas cut into triangles. I served it on a tray in the living room and let them have a "learning lunch picnic" (we watched the first chapter of The Story of US).

For the hummus just puree a can of chickpeas with a tablespoon or so of tahini, the juice from one lemon, and a couple of crushed garlic cloves. I do this in my food processor,then pour in a bit of olive oil and process until smooth.


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