Yard Sale Mania!

It has been piling up for nearly 2 years. It has taken over my garage so completely that there is barely room for our bicycles, forget even attempting to put a car in there. What is it? Why, things we no longer need, of course! Pack-n-plays, high chairs, clothes, shoes, electronics, dvd's, homeschool curriculum, kitchen items, furniture. And I'm tired of it being in there! My closets are also jam-packed with things we no longer use. So today I am throwing it all in my car (5 or 6 trips at least) and taking it to my sister's house where I will combine my massive amount of unwanted things with hers and we are going to have a circus of a yard sale. Then I'm going to come home and collapse on the sofa.......then Sunday I'll wake up and go to town cleaning the garage top to bottom. Maybe I'll even be able to get my car in there.

If you are in the Orange Park area this Saturday take advantage of the beautiful weather and many yard sales going on! Heritage Hills, Park West, and Captiva are just a few of the neighborhoods having their annual yard sales! OF course my sister and I will be teaming up to have a mega yard sale, so if you are out and about and looking for a deal come find us! I might even have some of my handmade goodies there!

Of course the downside to is that while all of these fantastic neighborhood sales are going on I'm stuck in my sisters driveway when I really want to be out scouting the deals myself!


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