BLT Salad Sandwiches

Yeah, two recipes with bacon in a row. I had bacon leftover from the chowdah and didn't want it to go bad in the fridge so I made lunch with it. BLT is my favorite kind of sandwich but I wanted something a bit different this time. So I pulled out my ingredients and thought that BLT salad sounded good. My kids and husband loved it and husband is not usually a BLT eater......or a T eater at all. But even Mr. Picky enjoyed the sandwich.

So here's what you need:

Some much do you like? Then cook that much, fry it up nice and crisp!
Some whole wheat pita bread cut in half
a couple of cups of shredded romaine lettuce
4 or 5 pear tomatoes, chopped, save the juices!
1/4 c. of diced cheddar cheese
2 tbsp. olive oil light mayo
2 tbsp. whole grain mustard
1 tsp. honey

And here's what you do:

Put the mayo, mustard, and honey in a small bowl, add in the juices from your chopped tomatoes. Trust me, this is what makes the dressing taste so good! Mix it all up really well. Toss the cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce with the dressing mixture. Stuff some bacon slices into a pita half and then stuff some of the salad mixture in there with the bacon. Enjoy.

I also added a bit of diced avocado to mine because I love BLTA's as well!


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