Mountain, Lake, Grandma's House!!

My little Buttercup has really started to get into Dora the Explorer. She runs around the house singing the song when it comes on, she points out swiper and yells NO SWIPING, and she loves the "meeap" as she calls it. I wandered into my studio one day to make a quick thank-you note and found myself making a map and backpack instead. The map was very easy, I just cut my shapes out of felt and fabrics and used an iron-on adhesive, then I stitched over the pieces for durability. Then I put another piece of muslin on top, sewed, flipped right side out, did some top stitching and I was done.

The backpack wasn't at all planned. It was a yellow t-shirt I had gotten in a hand me down bag and it was full of stains. I wanted to applique over the stains and make some matching shorts but there were so many stains I just couldn't use it for clothing. But I love that color yellow so I had to use it somehow. I hacked off the sleeves and neckline then cursed a bit because I didn't know what to do. I had just finished showing my sewing class how to make reusable bags from t-shirts so I decided to make a bag with it. I sewed the bottom shut. Then I serged the edges of some coordinating fabric and added it to the top of the back then I added some simple straps. It's a bit wonky and not very big but Buttercup loves it. She carries her map, a small notepad, and a crayon roll in her backpack. It hangs by the front door so she can grab it when we leave the house.


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