Where has my time gone?

I've been a naughty blogger......or non-blogger. I haven't stopped cooking, I've just stopped taking pictures and writing down amounts as I go because lately cooking has been fast and furious. This time of year always finds me a bit crazy and pressed for time. We have cheer 5 nights a week from 6-8 plus Saturday games for Lexi. Skye is doing gymnastics on Thursday evenings at 5, we have several study groups and clubs that are starting back up with our homeschool group as well as the sewing class I'm teaching. And I'm a team mom for cheer this year which has me quite a bit busier than I expected. Add to that the general running around, cooking, cleaning, worrying, hugging, (ok, scolding too), grocery shopping-type mom tasks and I'm burning the candle at both ends lately. It doesn't help that both of my girls are August babies. Of course neither of them had parties this month because we just couldn't find a free weekend. Last year they had to wait until October, I'm determined not to do that to them this year.

So while I have created some amazing things in the kitchen, I have no pictures and didn't write down any of my measurements. It might be awhile before I get up another recipe but I hope to have some t-shirt dress and other sewing tutorials up soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of fun things we've been doing this summer.

Our spontaneous road trip to Cherokee, NC

Catching minnows at Grandaddy's house. We love him and the lake!

Jumping off of Grandaddy's boat in the deeper, cooler part of the lake.

Running down the steps at the park to walk along the boardwalk on the river

Proudly showing the shuttle that orbits the earth that we made together on the morning of the launch


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