Vintage Designs

I would love to do more recipes, I've been cooking a lot and have some great things to share, I just never remember to take pictures while I'm cooking. It really does slow down meal time when I have to stop and grab the camera every few minutes. And with cheer, gymnastics, girl scouts, and homeschool group activities back in full swing I just don't have time for slow meal times! I've been dreaming of cooler weather and crock pot meals......soups, roasts, chowders and cornbread. Good cool weather food. We got a teaser last weekend but it's right back up near 90 again this week. I can't wait for open windows, crisp air, and mugs of warm apple cider. I think about hay rides and corn mazes and trick or treating at night when I can't sleep. I also sew when I can't sleep, I figure I might as well be productive. This past week my dreams of fall have inspired me to create again. I've made 3 dresses for my 3 year old, she just loves getting new clothes. I hang them on her door knob and when she wakes up in the morning and see's her new dress she runs into my room screaming and giggling with delight. I love that she loves the things I make for her. As is typical with me, these 3 dresses have vintage vibes. And now that I've taken up knitting I can't wait to knit up some cute cardigans and sweaters to go with her dresses! This dress is so cute although the details get lost in the brown corduroy, I might try it with a solid linen next time. It has a round front yoke and is slightly gathered so the skirt twirls a bit. I did a bound button placket on the front, I love those vintage buttons! I also did cuffs for the first time, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I have a feeling I'll be creating a lot of cuffed dresses and shirts this fall and winter! I also did a cute little collar, it just kills me that all this great stuff is so hard to see!
This dress was quick and easy. I just made the basic A-line with a button closure on back and then I did a little contrasting band with elastic. I put a rounded top and piping on the pocket. I liked the way it turned out, I can easily throw a long-sleeved shirt under it and pair it with leggings or tights when it gets cooler.
This one is probably my favorite of the week. As usual, I had no real plan when I started. I knew I wanted to do a petal style collar but I didn't plan on sleeves, a zipper, or piping. It all just came together. Once I put the collar on I felt like sleeves were a must but I didn't have enough fabric to make them as long as I wanted so I put 2 fabrics together. Then I thought it would look cute with piping so I sewed that in. I usually do buttons because I feel it is more consistent with the vintage look that I love so much but I felt like a zipper was perfect for this dress. I wanted it to stand out a bit so I piped around the zipper as well, I think it adds a really interesting look. Then I made the rounded top pockets again, I loved them so much on the other dress and knew they'd look perfect on this dress. I cut everything on the bias for this dress, it moves nicely and has just a bit of stretch for super wiggly 3 year old moments. I think this one has a more 1930's vibe, probably thanks to the Punctuation fabrics that I used, I just love that line! I am working on a tutorial for this dress right now, even though it has a lot of detail it is actually not hard to make and only takes a few hours.


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