Broccoli Madness

I do my meal planning on Friday nights, it isn't something I do every week but I am trying to make it a habit. I will ask my kids for input because they are picky little turds and I get tired of hearing "ewwww, what is that" while I am cooking. Anyway, this week my 13 year old tells me she wants a "broccoli week".


We do like our broccoli and I usually make it once or twice a week, I love it roasted with a bit of garlic and olive oil and I love it steamed with some lemons and plenty of pepper. But 7 days of broccoli-centered dishes? Well that sounded like a challenge to me and I LOVE a challenge! I spent most of last night and part of this morning pouring through my extensive cookbook collection for inspiration (am I the only one who just uses recipes as inspiration, I never follow them) and I managed to come up with a pretty good meal plan.

Tonight: Roasted garlic potato and broccoli soup
Saturday: White Broccoli pizza and sliced fruit
Sunday: Homemade chick-fil-a nuggets (thank you Pinterest!) and mini mac and broccoli cheese bites (I cook them in muffin cups)....I'm going to puree broccoli to add to my cheese sauce, hopefully it won't suck
Monday: Broccoli and carrot fried rice, sliced fruit
Tuesday: Mini pigs in a blanket, crunchy broccoli slaw, more fruit (we like fruit a lot)
Wednesday: Scalloped sweet potatoes with ham, steamed broccoli
Thursday: really didn't think I'd cook 7 nights in a row, did you?

I can handle broccoli week, at first my lovely teen suggested an all potato, ham, and bacon week. I would probably enjoy making dishes with those ingredients all week but I would be the size of a blimp by the end of it!


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