Another Cosmo Bag

I was browsing the awesome Cosmo Bags that other people have made and came across this one on Me Sew Crazy.  She added an awesome kangaroo-style pocket to the outside of her bag! Genius! Extra storage, easily accessible, a chance to use some of the cute bias trim that I've made.....of course I had to give it a go! And being the impatient person that I am, I quickly printed up her pattern piece and neglected to look at how she actually put it all together.

I spent a few (ok, 6) extra hours trying to get it right. The pouch piece was the easy part, I just cut out one on my exterior fabric, one on my solid handle fabric, and one interfacing. I followed the pleating lines, put on my bias trim, and sewed it right up. I didn't even think about how I would adjust the exterior piece of the bag that I would be putting it on. I didn't want to pleat it too, the thickness would be more than my machine could handle. What I ended up doing was pleating the other side as usual (I was only putting the pocket on one side) and tracing around it after I sewed the pleats in place. I cut one of the exterior fabric and one of the interfacing in this size. Then I just put the kangaroo pocket on it and followed the directions in the book for the rest.

Another change that I made this time was to make the outer side pockets shorter. After I sewed up the first bag I realized that they weren't very practical, they were just too deep to be really useful. So I shortened them a bit and they are perfect! They fit my water bottles just right. I also added a cell phone pocket to the interior again, I'd never find my phone in there otherwise. I also made some piping with my polka dot bias trim and added that, it looks cute. After I was finished I thought that it would have been a good idea to include a cell phone pocket on the interior of the kangaroo pocket...might have to try that out next time.

Again, the bag was enjoyable, took me about 5 days....probably around 14 or so hours total. It would have gone much more quickly had I not decided to do the kangaroo pocket my own way.  The fusing took the longest, or maybe it just seems that way because I hate ironing. But I stuck the ironing board next to the window that faces my backyard and daydreamed a bit while doing it. Mostly about what it would be like to be selected for Project Run and Play!

Anyway, here is my new Cosmo Bag, I can't wait to go somewhere so I can actually use it!


  1. love your fabrics, love your bag! Looks great with the kangaroo pocket! I am just amazed that you made not only one...but TWO! That thing took me forever to make!

  2. Thanks so much! And thanks for sharing your awesome kangaroo pocket!


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