Three Little Birds

Most of the time when I'm sewing I am humming and it is usually about that time when I think to myself that I really need to get a radio in my studio. Or at least put Pandora on my phone and see if the pinterest trick of putting my phone in a bowl really works to amplify the sound. But I never get a radio and I never stop to go get my phone so I continue to hum. Usually the same verse or two over and over again..this time I was using some of the gorgeous Aviary fabric. It was a peaceful, sunny day and I was working on my second draft of a dress that I'd seen the previous night in a dream. As I sat ironing my fabric, I looked out of the window and into the woods behind our yard, there are always little birds out there pecking at the ground..or each other. Anyway, there I was with my bird fabric looking at birds and one of my favorite songs just popped into my head. Three Little Birds, such a cheerful tune, such a cheerful dress. And so the dress was named. After a third and fourth draft (and a lot of unpicking seams), the dress was ready to wear! And it is every bit and twirly, fun, and fantastic as I thought it would be. I started messing around with my peasant dress pattern, I really loved the shape of the top but didn't want puffy sleeves, it took me quite awhile to figure this out!

 I have modified it a few different times and have made a round-yoke dress and am working on an A-line dress as well. Of course my 4 year old loves it when I'm trying out new ideas, she usually ends up with a new outfit daily for a couple of weeks!

 There are quite a few fun details on this dress. I made bias trim and piping to trim the sleeves, neckline, and hem. The skirt is a full, gathered skirt. The bias trim gives the hem a bit of weight and really makes the skirt move and drape nicely.

 The cummerbund-style belt is pleated  and is tacked to the dress at the sides.

I left the ties fairly long because I love big bows and I love ties that touch the hem of the dress.

 I just notched the back of the dress because my daughter is 4. And as an independent 4 year old she likes loves to change several times per day and doesn't have time or patience to mess around with buttons down her back!

She couldn't wait to wear her new "3 purple birds" dress and I've had to launder it 2 or 3 times per week since I made it last month! She is now asking for a maxi-dress like this and I have some adorable Riley Blake fabric just waiting to be used that would be perfect for it! Time to get sewing!


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