The Making of a......

Runner? Jogger? Part-time fast foot shuffler? I don't really know about this whole running thing. I've never been a fan of running.  In fact, I've been known to say that I'd rather jump through a closed window than go for a run. Oddly enough, I'm drawn to running. I'm always reading my friends running magazines, reading reviews on running shoes, and I even joined a local running group on facebook. What? Why? Without a degree, here is my personal psychological evaluation...I don't think I can do it. Running scares me, I've never succeeded, it makes me feel inept. So of course, that means that I have to do it, right? Plus, it is practical, all you really need are shoes. That kind of simplicity appeals to me.

Mondays are busy for me, I have koto lessons, spin class, and I tutor a couple of teen girls. Because spin is sandwiched between koto and tutoring and because koto usually runs late, I end up missing my Monday spin a couple of times a month. Up until today, I just accepted that, I still get my spin on other days, plus two days of boot camp, so it works out. Today was different, today I didn't want to go without exercise and I'm too short on time to drive to the gym and back. What is a girl to do?

Why, throw on her incredible orange and blue (Go Gators!) running shoes and fly like the wind!

Erm....I mean, reluctantly put on the awesome shoes and head out into the beautiful sunshine to get some exercise and maybe run a little. Sunshine is at a premium here in northern Japan, I have to get out when I can!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to take one of the paved farm roads across the rice paddies. I had a great view of the snow-capped Hakkoda mountains, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and I'm less likely to be killed by crazy drivers on a seldom-used road. So off I went. Luckily,  the snow poles are still up, I used them to guide me. Run for two, walk for two, easy peasy. As expected, the shin splints set in fast, my breathing got all weird, but I worked through it. The first 25 minutes were hell. I passed farmers pulling up burdock root who probably thought their radishes grew faster than I could run. And it was embarrassing to have to go back by them at my slow, lumbering pace. Actually, I'd say that run is generous, it was more like the lumbering pace of a geriatric gorilla. And I don't have a nifty armband and earbuds for my phone, so it was stuffed in my sleeve and my music sounded like it was coming from my wrist. Although I do have a neat little zip pouch in the back of my workout pants, so that kind of makes me like a real runner, right?  Wow, that got off track fast....the first 25 minutes were spent in suckville. I didn't even enjoy the stunning mountain views. But the last 10 minutes were fairly ok. I found somewhat of a cadence with by breaths and the shin splints went away.  Which makes me want to try again tomorrow, before boot camp, maybe just once around the track...just to see if I can.

Just don't look for me to be out front in any marathons. Unless the finish line has beer. Or pie. I'd run for pie.


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