Tired of My Fitness Posts?

         Does this make you nod your head in agreement or laugh? If it does, you really need to take another look at it and consider what the message is.  Think about the intended purpose behind this meme.

 Does it shine the light on a hard truth? Or does it serve to make you feel superior because you are "better" than others? Is it motivating or is it a way to make fun of others? Why do you feel the need to insult someone? Does it make you any more fit or healthy to belittle others?  Give it some thought, go ahead, after you've had your laugh, take yourself back....way back before you would have posted something like this. Maybe back to when you started to let fitness and health come into your life. Would you have laughed then? Would it have been motivating or encouraging? What was it like, did you magically become fit or did you fall along the way? Are you perfect now? No, I imagine not.

 I've seen this meme come across my facebook feed several times in the past week, mostly by people in the fitness industry. I find it yet another disturbing aspect of our billion dollar fitness industry.  An industry that refuses to clothe overweight men and women, an industry that makes fun of overweight people at the gym, an industry that uses snark and belittlement as a way to "motivate" people.

I love humor, I get humor, I use snark and sarcasm, I'm not a fan of political correctness running amok, or censorship. I fully support your right to have this attitude and to share it. I also have the right to take a stand against it. This isn't humor, this is self-righteousness and a cavalier attitude thinly disguised as humor. It is a dig, it is rude, and it isn't at all motivating.

 You want to share before and after photos or tell me how great you feel to have your health back? I'll commend you every step of the way, it is an incredible feeling to accomplish something so difficult. You want to share a fitness post then ask me to buy a DVD or join your Jenny Craig food buying club? No dice, not interested, I'm happy to ignore it. You want to share posts like that 2 or 3 times a day every day of the week? Those aren't fitness posts, they are advertisements for a business, but whatever, I'll happily ignore it. Until you post something rude, like the above (sadly popular) meme. It reeks of hypocrisy, how can you constantly call yourself a motivator when you are willing to share something so....hateful?  It also reeks of the elite-ism that is rampant among fitness "professionals".

I work out 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day, sometimes I only get in 4 days a week...I rarely put it on facebook simply because it isn't my thing, I don't want to advertise how I look after a hard workout. I don't mind it when my friends do so though, I love seeing their pictures of whatever makes them tic.  I put up pictures of food almost daily, I'm passionate about cooking and creating recipes so I like to share that. I'm sure some people dislike my food pics, and that is ok. I'm not going to put a meme out there that says "Tired of my homemade food posts? Hide them and head to McDonalds because you clearly don't give a shit about your family"  Number 1, because I don't think like that, and number 2, because it is just plain rude. I would like to think that I can share a photo of an amazing, healthy meal and if it means that even one person says "if she can cook, so can I", I've done something helpful. Our world needs more kindness, our kids need to see us being kind to each other. When my 15 year old saw that meme come across her newsfeed, she thought it was sad. Sad that so many people think that shaming others is motivating in anyway.

She summed it up perfectly, shaming is not motivating. Shaming only serves to make one person feel superior over another. And really, what does that say about you?


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